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Election Results:

Thank you to all members who came to the meeting and to those who voted Saturday.  Newly elected members of the E-Board will be sworn in at January’s meeting.  A special thank you to the outgoing E-Board members for their hard work and dedication.

Election Meeting / Wreath Laying

This weekend December 15th from 7am-7pm elections will be happening for all E-Board positions as well as Stewards.  The location is at the Ironworkers Local 5 lodge meeting hall, the address is:

9100 Old Marlboro Pike, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

The regularly scheduled meeting will start at the usual time of 930am.  After the meeting concludes we ask all members who can to join us for wreath laying at:

Maryland Veterans Cemetery at Cheltenham (MDCHVC)

Please help us Remember, Honor, and Teach on Saturday, December 15, 2018 at 12:00 PM by sponsoring a wreath, volunteering, or inviting friends to help.

11301 Crain Hwy, Cheltenham, MD 20623

More information can be found here:

October 20th Union Meeting

Tomorrow is the October 20th union meeting.  On the agenda is:

1) Nominations for Union officers and Stewards as well as District 4 business reps

2) IAM Pension Representative and IAM Veteran Affairs Representative will be giving presentations and answering questions


20 June 2018 Important News, E-Board Shuffle

As of 20 June 2018, the E-board was forced into a bad situation which necessitated a shuffling of the E-Board members. Sarah Geddes resigned her position as Secretary Treasurer creating a void on the E-Board which had to be filled. As a result Jason Ghast resigned his position as Vice President, and was appointed by the President of our Local Lodge, to the position of Secretary Treasure, Charles Yonkers was appointed Vice President.

To Recap and Reinforce:
Charles Yonkers is now Vice President of our Local Lodge 24
Jason Ghast is now Secretary Treasurer of our Local Lodge 24

Sarah Geddes has resigned her position and is No longer of Secretary Treasurer of Local Lodge 24.

The Local Lodge 24 E-Board Gallery Page will be Updated soon to reflect this Shuffle.

April 21st Meeting, A New Shop Steward

On April 21st of the year 2018,  A New Shop Steward was sworn in as the 3rd and final Shop Steward for the Flight Line/ISO Dock branch.  This Shop Steward lives on Swing Shift, Flight Line and helps to fill out the Stewards.  Currently there are 2 Shop Stewards on Mid Shift, and now one on Swing Shift!

Three Huzzah’s!!!  

For “Chris” Nasr, as the new shop steward on Swing Shift.

Newly installed Flight Line Shop Steward, “Chris” Nasr

Chris’s full Name is Munir Christopher Nasr, but he prefers Chris, althought the Communicator thinks his “real” first name Munir is pretty cool.  Chris had been attending the Monthly Union meetings with the intent to become more actively involved, and had been inquiring about being a Shop Steward, knowing full well there was a need and an opening for a third steward.  So on April 21st Chris was asked if he was interested in becoming a Shop Steward and he volunteered for the position.  The “E-Board” appointed him on the spot and Rick Compher, our Union Business representative Swore him in immediately.

Welcome to the “Party”!

Rick Compher swearing “Chris” Nasr in as our 3rd Shop Steward, Swing Shift