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QA has been added to the Maintenance CBA in this tentative agreement.
  1. Cover Page: Contract is from September 1, 2016 through August 31, 2020
  2. Article 2: We have the addition of one more Union Steward and language changes.
  3. Article 3: We redefined and improved the Grievance language and procedures.
  4. Article 5: Added language for the availability of light duty while rehabbing an on the job injury
  5. Article 5: Added language to have expired disciplinary paperwork removed from employees personal records here at Joint Base Andrews.
  6. Article 6:  Reduced the time for advanced notice for taking hourly leave.
  7. Article 6: Up to 7 days of vested vacation can be used for call out leave.
  8. Article 6: Improved language for Bereavement Leave
  9. Article 6: Added language for the possibility of receiving any additional declared Federal Holidays.
  10. Article 7: Increased the boot allowance and added language to allow an employee to purchase multiple pairs of boots and or rain gear in each contract year as long as the maximum amount is not exceeded.
  11. Article 10: Added a Substance Abuse guide as stated in Appendix F.
  12. Appendix A: Base Pay increases of 3% (2016) – 2.75% (2017) – 2.75% (2018) and 3% (2019) effective September 1 of each year stated. Also increased the shift differential pay for second and third shift.
  13. Appendix B: introduction of Group Insurance Plan with an HSA.  Negotiated to have the company freeze the Dental and Vision premiums for the length of the contract. Also negotiated a forty percent (40%) increase in the Company contributions to the IAM Pension Fund.
  14. Appendix D: revised and improved the Inclement Weather Policy and added it to the CBA.
  15. Appendix F: Added the Substance Abuse Guidelines for a Drug Free Workforce.
  16. Appendix G: Added a Disciplinary Guide into the CBA.

DynCorp ASD Contract Tentative Agreement and Vote.

Brothers and Sisters

Contract negotiations between the IAM and DynCorp have concluded.
The Union and Company have reached a tentative agreement pending your ratification. A ratification vote will be held this Monday, August 15, 2016 from 5:00 am through 7:00 pm. The vote will take place in Hangar 3.
We look forward to seeing you at the ratification.

Al Nuzzo
IAM&AW Local 24; Recording Secretary