20 June 2018 Important News, E-Board Shuffle

As of 20 June 2018, the E-board was forced into a bad situation which necessitated a shuffling of the E-Board members. Sarah Geddes resigned her position as Secretary Treasurer creating a void on the E-Board which had to be filled. As a result Jason Ghast resigned his position as Vice President, and was appointed by the President of our Local Lodge, to the position of Secretary Treasure, Charles Yonkers was appointed Vice President.

To Recap and Reinforce:
Charles Yonkers is now Vice President of our Local Lodge 24
Jason Ghast is now Secretary Treasurer of our Local Lodge 24

Sarah Geddes has resigned her position and is No longer of Secretary Treasurer of Local Lodge 24.

The Local Lodge 24 E-Board Gallery Page will be Updated soon to reflect this Shuffle.