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Nominations for District Positions

A reminder:

August 28, 2014

Dear Affiliated Local Lodges:

Nominations for Directing Business Representative, Business Representative(s) and District Delegate(s) of District Lodge 4 of the IAMAW will be conducted at your first regular monthly meeting in the month of October of 2014.



  • One (1) nomination for Directing Business Representative
  • Five (5) nominations for Business Representative(s)
  • One (1) nomination for District Delegate¬†(1,000 members or less)


To be eligible for the position of Directing Business Representative and Business Representative(s), a member must be in continuous good standing of an affiliated Local Lodge for at least two (2) years prior to his nomination, must be actively  employed under a collective bargaining agreement coming under the jurisdiction of this District or employed by the District or one of the affiliated Local Lodges, and free from delinquencies of any nature to a Local, District or Grand Lodge.


Please notify your membership of these nominations being conducted at your October 2014 regular monthly meeting. Post on all union bulletin boards in all shops and include the date, time and location of your local lodge’s October 2014 meeting.



In Solidarity,


Danny N. Loudermilk, Jr.


Danny N. Loudermilk, Jr.

Recording Secretary

IAM District 4