Monthly Archives: December 2023

Our Fallen Friends

Page is set up and I have filled it with everyone ever announced in the history of this website plus a few who we have lost during the time the site wasn’t updated. If I have missed anyone, or if you would like to add anything for any of them (a few words, more images, you name it and I will make it happen) contact me at



Hello everyone, just wanted to take a moment to Introduce myself. My name is Paul Hopper and I will be maintaining our website going forward. I am completely open to any ideas, complaints and requests for it.

I’m mostly done cleaning up the unnecessary repetition of information around here, I’ve focused everything in the top menus and made sure the site information is as easy to access as possible from phones.

Site Changes
. Added dates for our meetings.
. Added photo of our hall.
. Added a page for our lost brothers.
. Removed the additional resources section in the right side bar and moved everything there to the top menu, it just didn’t work on phones when you had to scroll to the bottom of the entire page to reach them.
. Removed the calendar, its not necessary when the Archives is right below it and sorted by month.

I need information. Names dates and photos of everyone we have lost for the Fallen Brothers page. I am also looking for names, union positions, photos and contact emails for the Representatives page. If anything is incorrect in the Library and Benefits pages please let me know and I’ll get them updated immediately.

I look forward to keeping us informed, feel free to reach me at this email: