March Zoom Meeting

The March monthly meeting will again take place on Zoom. Please contact your shop stewards for access information. Just a reminder the E-Board meeting begins at 0900 and the general member meeting starts at 0930. Members joining before 0930 will be in the waiting room until the appropriate time.

February Zoom Meeting

This month’s meeting will again be on Zoom. Please contact your shop steward for information on how to access the meeting.

Reminder: E-Board meets at 0900 and general membership meeting begins at 0930. Those logging in early will be put in a waiting room till the appropriate time.

January Meeting Tomorrow 1/16

After last month’s successful meeting we will again have our monthly meeting on Zoom. If you want access to the meeting please have your shop steward forward your email to the Communicator.

As a reminder Eboard Meeting starts at 0900 and General member meeting starts at 0930. You can join the meeting early, but will not gain access till the appropriate time.